Worst feeling

I stumbled upon the most terrible thing my old roommate posted about me on the internet. Just terrible things about me being the “fattest, most unladylike, ugliest…” insert more terrible insults, and how everyone she knows agrees with her.

So feeling kind of terrible. Well, really terrible…

Help please?

This might be tmi, though.

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I swear I’m still here

I’m back to my place from some time with the family and a funeral. Things are still going well with the losing, but since I didn’t have my scale Wednesday, I thought I’d wait until this coming Wednesday for an official weigh in.

Things are still looking good, though. Bad news- I’m pretty sick right now and can’t eat anything. So silver lining- maybe I’ll lose a few extra pounds. But I’m starving and I just literally can’t keep anything down.


Just got a terrible phone call.

Very personal post. Just trying to work through these emotions right now.

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Just had the best trip to Central Market

Even though 90% of the people in there are just the most pretentious, terribly people around…

Is it terrible that I cancelled an important meeting tonight so I could cut and package all the yummy things I got? My car broke down, and I just need some time to myself…

We all fall off the wagon, sometimes right?

But it’s getting back on that counts, right?

July has been rough. Not knowing a soul in the city you just moved to came be rough. My car broke down, had to hop a crazy cab ride and flight to the home city to sort things out, and things are just overwhelming. BUT health should NEVER take a back seat, so I just weight myself and am making an updated plan. I’m going to try to have prepackaged meals this entire week. I think that might be the only way I won’t resort to convenience comfort food.

Okay. Back on track.

I’m legitimately sad that I’m in a new city alone and didn’t do anything for the fourth. I love fireworks.



Oh my god, my life.



Oh my god, my life.

Grocery store time!!

I’m about to go grocery shopping, worst day ever for that, I know. I’m going to get things and make my meals for the rest of this week today. Like go crazy healthy!

Any suggestion as to what I should get or make? What’s your favorite go to healthy meal??